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  • Budget

    Every month
    For IT starters
    • Helping with job interview in IT industry
    • Advice on removing impediments
    • Remote assistance for developers. 10 hours
    • Relocation and work authorization. Advice
    • Learn basis programming. 5 hours
  • Standard

    Every month
    For IT professionals who are conquering the industry
    Valid for 3 months
    • Applying for jobs in IT sector. Practical assistance
    • Help and advice with resolving job related problems
    • Remote assistance for developers 20 hours
    • Relocation and work authorization. Practical assistance.
    • Remote assistance with coding and QA. 12 hours
    • Learn Agile principes and methodologies. 5 hours
  • Best Value


    Every month
    For experts and managers
    Valid for 12 months
    • Marketing and promotion
    • Conflict resolution and facilitation
    • Evidence based management. Practical assistance
    • Remote assistance for developers. 25 hours
    • Business immigration and company formation
    • Programming and QA services
    • Preparation for certification
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