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For every problem there is a solution. Absence of the solution is an absence of knowledge about the solution's location.

More about AS IF concept here:  >>>>>

Recent Publications

"Ceremonies", "daily stand ups" and other hazards

  "Scrum" which does not fit into Scrum guide provisions...

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Danger of Story Points in Scrum


 How "story points" became a hazard of Scrum. 

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What is "Guerilla Scrum"​?


 How to set up successful Scrum project in a hostile environment

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Changes for the next edition of the Scrum Guide

Quotations from the Scrum guide:

“ If you get value from Scrum, consider yourself included.”

“Scrum is built upon by the collective intelligence of the people using it”

As a Scrum practitioner who gets value from Scrum, I feel invited to freely contribute my suggestions and ideas for the upcoming update of Scrum guide. Those suggestion are published for public discussion at social media and on itself.

These propositions are set in a form of the backlog. They are ordered by the author of this concept (myself) according to the priority and importance, not according to their position in the table of the Scrum Guide. Each proposition is independent from another and should be discussed as such..

Please follow this link to read the propositions >>>>

IMPORTANT! Creators of Scrum have opened the Scrum guide for suggestions about upcoming updates. If you would go to the "Scrum guide" section of the website, there is currently the option(contact link) for everyone to send  their  own suggestions.

I beleive its a smart idea to discuss each idea at this community first...

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